Message from the President



The city of Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States, and arguably the most diverse. As a New York native, I can attest to the challenges that the growing diversity in our cities can place on our communities, and the officers sworn to protect them. In the city of Houston, our response is “Challenge Accepted”. Today’s Houston Police department boasts one of the most robust and diverse personnel in the United States; it's the perfect pairing with a city bursting at the seams with vibrant cultures.

Though the majority of the public recognizes the integrity of the officers that police their neighborhoods, it is our mission that the community as a whole feel safe and protected by their police department. For this reason, we are proud that the officers and civilian personnel that serve our city are decorated with some of the best education, training, and personal character around.

The Hispanic Officer of the Year Awards and Scholarships were established to honor the officers who genuinely work towards improving the quality of life of all residents of Houston.  They do so with honor, integrity, and respect.

Please join me in honoring the recipients of the Hispanic Officer of the Year Awards and Scholarships.

Assistant Chief Pedro Lopez, Jr.